Save yourself from hackers using the service

It is very important to be careful when using the cryptocurrency. Similarly, it is impossible to return a transfer if, for example, it was placed on the wrong address. The whole system is based on the anonymity, so there are several rules here. It can be improved with the help of


Protection against burglary and forgery in cryptocurrency

Usually, the maximum time that you have to wait for confirmation is 10 minutes before the transaction.When paying by card on the Internet, we have to enter her number and secret code, hoping that the site is protected from hacking, and we will not lose our money.Paying for goods and services with bitcoins, you manage two codes and do not enter any personal data.

If the key to the purse is forgotten or lost, then all digital savings will be lost along with it. This is the risk and the price that the users pay for the high anonymity. The total anonymity means that there is no control under the system, so no one knows the code except the user. Restoring the contents is not possible. Therefore, you must be extremely careful and store the digital key in a safe and secure place.

Use mixing to protect from hackers

It is better to double-check everything than to rely on the counteragents. You can lose bitcoins because of hacker attacks:

  • Hackers hack into exchange operations
  • Internet scammers use various scripts and schemes to entice bitcoins from users
  • The users themselves are not careful enough to store their digital keys.

To protect yourself from hacker attacks, it is important to use the special mixing service – By mixing bitcoins from different users during the exchange, you make the connection between the address and the addressee inaccessible.